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Izzie has earned a reputation of being the clown, the one readers laugh at, not laugh with. It is amusing how she gets all flustered and defensive over any comment that goes against her opinion, treating it as an attempt to condemn her person. A character assasination that she imagined, usually blown out of ridiculous proportions. She would lash out at those-who-dare-defy-her, with vitriol-dripping might. A typical reaction will be she continuously boring the crowd with details of her achievements, literally forcing her readers to embrace her so-called intelligence and talent. She claims on her blog that “In the virtual world, known as aggressive, outspoken, directly haughty and pompous”. Now, you get what SMBR mean? She really believes she’s that goooood, it’s laughable. ;p Her thick skull is not able to understand or perhaps, she is just too self-absorbed to notice that the harder she tries to prove her worth, the more ludicrous and insecure she appears to the worldwideweb.



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A blog maintained by a mother of three, who has a healthy perspective and views on most issues. While she takes a clear stand on something, she does it in a savvy, delightfully balanced manner as expected of a mature user of the Internet. She defends her compatriots jealously, just like everything else she deems valuable like her family and her work. But having to go down the middle road all the time, and being expected to support the “wrong” side sometimes for loyalty and friendship sake, may put Mamafai at risk of appearing cliquish. Blogging has carved a business future for this lady, and SMBR would like to wish her all the best. She has worked hard to get to where she is, and she serves as an inspiration to others. While blog content is mostly on her life, family and cakes, there is a feel-good factor about it.


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A lonely blogger. A hypersensitive, depressed character with entries reeking of pronounced bitterness and discontentment. Seems deeply and emotionally scarred by something, someone or some event, and often seeks justification by playing the victim. Tries very hard to sound profound, but usually fails miserably at putting logical reasoning across. Judgmental, biased, yet condescending. Freely condemns activities of others which blogger disagrees with, in a pompous, self-righteous manner. Feeble attempts to consistently portray a contented happy personal living environment, as very often, the bitterness with life and envy of others’ privileged positions take control to become a persevering trait in the blogger’s entries. It’s little wonder blogger always complains of being friendless.